Nervous Fossils: Syndromes of the Synthetic Nether


Being tied to technologies of speculative finance and fantasies of uninterrupted trade, tax-free storage spaces have become ideal sites to project fears of Financial Singularity. In the case of art storage, a freeport becomes an anti-museum of sorts; it alters the flow of linear time and potentially locks down the future in opposition to a conventional art museum that prevents the past from disappearing.

This essay book builds upon a scenario based on the abandoned plans for an art freeport, involving in the process synthetic netherwordly entities, nuclear warning signs, and syndromes from the future.

Mochu is a filmmaker, artist, and writer whose work engages with the life of fictional figures found in works of art and their encounters with various philosophies, mythologies, and techno-fiction. A number of his works focus on particular milestones in art history, drawing on the imagery found in the works of earlier artists. He was a fellow at the Home Workspace Program, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut (2016) and received a grant for a research residency at Utopiana, Geneva and Pro Helvetia, New Delhi and Zurich (2014). He was also awarded an Arts Research and Documentation Grant from the India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore (2013).

Upcoming Publication

To be co-published with Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in 2021.