Methods and Materials in collaboration with Gallery Ark
with support from Rubamin Foundation

Propositions: Methods and Materials is a long-term series of educational programming where artists present their ongoing or existing enquiries in the form of workshops, seminars, and lectures. Functioning as an opening out of the artist’s studio, the programmes facilitate dialogue and critique through experimental and participatory models.

3. Amongst Many Ruins: Pursuing Locations and Practices 
Rakhi Peswani

5th - 10th December 2020

  Exploring various methodologies and practices that image-makers may be resorting to in these times (of syncretic and cosmetic cultures, immense information and image production, excessive access as well as impervious affiliations, social media and social distancing, too much and too little), Amongst Many Ruins is an exercise driven module that will test and practice the potential of artistic research for the present moment.
With a focus on unpacking ideas around ‘practices of the self’ and ‘care of the self’, the workshop will be anchored in the text ‘The Hermeneutics of the Subject’ by Michel Focault - a lecture course originally delivered by the philosopher and historian in 1981-82. Exploring Focault’s concepts through the registers of space, time, and the body, the workshop will be a process-oriented platform for artistic propositions (or improvisations) and interpretations (or misrepresentations).

Rakhi Peswani is an artist whose practice explores the various discursive and material aspects of crafts and its nuanced associations as language, with an emphasis on the hand-made. Her work explores the affective possibilities of materiality and labour, as well as the contexts or locations these create in contemporary image making. Apart from her practice, she has been active as an educator since 2004. She was guest faculty at Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication (Hyderabad), full-time faculty at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore), and Visiting Associate Professor at Ambedkar University (Delhi). She is currently an Associate Professor at Ashoka University (Sonipat).