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Still Life

Mario Santanilla

Mario Santanilla is currently in Bangalore, in residence with Reliable Copy, working on his upcoming publication. More information to be released soon.

Mario Santanilla’s practice explores the optics of being. Guided by research on architecture, light-based technologies, and storytelling, he explores how these devices condition behavior and represent social realities. His practice moves across mediums, rummaging different layers of space while questioning the conventions of photography, video, sound, and installation. Santanilla’s work has been presented at Espacio Odeón, Bogotá (2018–2019); March Meeting, Sharjah Art Foundation (2018); ArteCámara & Ciclo Prisma, ARTBO, Bogotá (2017, 2016); FLORA ars+natura, Bogotá (2017, 2013) and CAMPO, Bogotá (2016), among others. He previously participated in Ashkal Alwan’s Home Workspace Program, Beirut (2017–2018) and Escuela Flora at Flora ars+natura, Bogotá (2016) and holds a BFA from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogotá (2015).

Upcoming Publication