Total Runtime

curated by Reliable Copy

Works by: BV Suresh, David Robbins, Kiran Subbaiah, Mariam Suhail, Mario Santanilla, Mochu, and Pushpamala N

9 films
2 book trailers
7 artists
1 publishing house

Total Runtime 01:07:29

Total Runtime is a screening series curated by Reliable Copy, featuring videos by artists associated with the Bangalore-based publishing practice. The films in Total Runtime are screened chronologically, oldest to most recent, with this simple rule acting as both a curatorial guide and framing device. Organised by a publishing house, Total Runtime frames video as an extension of publishing—as a format and medium which prioritises circulation and reproducibility.  

As a series, Total Runtime responds to and emerges from invitation, transforming according to its venue and context. The first iteration of Total Runtime is hosted by Amant as part of its ‘For Your Reference’ programme on occasion of Reliable Copy’s residency in New York.

Total Runtime 01:07:29
at Amant,
New York, USA
May 11, 2024, 5pm

Free entry