at the kitchen table

curated by Reliable Copy

Works by: Asako Iwama & Lantian Xie, Candice Lin, Carolyn Lazard, Chinar Shah & Nihaal Faizal, David Robbins, Fazal Rizvi, Gavati, Jason Hirata, Leone Contini, nonfood, Pushpamala N, Rajyashri Goody, and Rasheed Araeen

Books by: Abby Lloyd, Enid Blyton & Josh Sutton, Esther David, Felicity Dahl & Josie Fison, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Happy Potato Press, Hattie A. Burr & Nettie Shuler, Lars Muller Publishers, Madeleine Conway & Nancy Kirk, Michael E. Samonek, Mrinalini Bordawekar, Norah M. Titley, S. Meenakshi Ammal, Salvador Dali, Studio Olafur Eliasson, Suresh Jayaram, and William Powell

Approaching curatorial practice from the perspective of publishing, at the kitchen table looks at how food has historically been — and continues to be — inscribed through various conventional formats, as well as the channels and platforms by which it continues to circulate as material, trace, memory, and culture. Imagined as a show of documents, the exhibition brings together a selection of cookbooks, video works, and artworks.

The selection of cookbooks feature recipes and narratives compiled from artists and art-spaces, anthologies of recipes from literary fiction, cookbooks that function as historical records, and some that are self-published by individuals or community groups. The video works highlight and examine the well-worn format of the instructional cooking class and its associated performativity. Meanwhile, the artworks, which are presented via peripheral, referential, or stand-in documents, respond to (and often assume) the forms of the marketed consumable product, the stand-alone restaurant, the family archive, the recipe book, the menu, the assembly, and the feast.

The proposal, the script, the poster, the photographic documentation, the resource list, the newsletter, the Keynote presentation, and the audio recording — elements that are traditionally left out of the work’s exhibition display, but that are often included in catalogues, monographs, or other publications around the work — become stand-ins for the artworks conceptually on display. Through this introduction of artworks via the documents that surround, engender, and represent them, the exhibition seeks to collapse the space between the exhibition and its documentation, the library and the gallery, and the event and its eventual publication.

at the kitchen table is a travelling exhibition curated by Reliable Copy that expands through responses to the contexts, sites, and venues of its various iterations, including that of an eventual publication. 

at the kitchen table #1
at 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery, Bangalore, India
17 September - 5 October 2021
with support from India Foundation for the Arts

at the kitchen table #2
at Ark Foundation for the Arts, Baroda, India
15 December 2023 - 31 January 2024

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