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Press Works (India)
Les Presses du Reel
Printed Matter

Select titles:
Public Knowledge Books
(UK and USA)
D.A.P. (UK and USA)


1. A Memorial for the New Economy
Chinar Shah

2. Flexing Muscles
Ravikumar Kashi

3. Still Life -mirrors and windows-
Mario Santanilla

4. The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook
edited by Suresh Jayaram

5. at the kitchen table
curated by Reliable Copy

6. Nervous Fossils: Syndromes of the Synthetic Nether

7. Modernism/Murderism: The Modern Art Debate in Kumar
Jyoti Bhatt, Pherozeshah Rustomji Mehta, and the readers of Kumar

8. Sculptor’s Notebook
Pushpamala N

9. Urban Kitsch
Praneet Soi

10. High Entertainment
David Robbins

11. Melancholia in the Age of Mechanization
Kiran Subbaiah

12. The Significance and Relevance of Early Modern Indian Painters to the Contemporary Indian Art
Nilima Sheikh

13. Total Runtime
curated by Reliable Copy

14. Supporting Role
Jason Hirata



1. Human Pelvis, Bitter Radish
Leone Contini

2. The Real Taste of India
Chinar Shah & Nihaal Faizal
Publisher’s Circle Editions:
1. Reverie of 1959 
Jyoti Bhatt

2. Regarding the Pain of Others
BV Suresh

3. Atonal Variations on a Constant Sculptural Mass
Mariam Suhail